Prophecy of Cold War Victor

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Read this and then thinkHow could this be true?

By Louis F. Were,

Written in 1950.


“Both the Vatican and the Kremlin are striving for world domination. Seventh-day Adventists, who are guided by the prophecies of God’s Word and light from the Spirit of Prophecy, know the outcome. The prophetic finger points to Rome and Europe, backed by the mighty power of Protestant America as the dominating world powers until the very last hours of earthly history.”

Picture from Time Magazine

This is a quote from the book Before Probbtion Closes.

It outlines the belief that a Pastor had in the 1950’s of the Cold War in the light of Bible Prophecy. The Cold War ran from 1945-1960 and this perdiction of Were really did not happen until 1989-1991.

How could this be possible?! It should let everyone know that the future can determined by the Word of God rightly interpreted by the Spirit of Prophecy and that those who are true at heart may know the future, and speak it with power.

God wants you to study the Word of God and you can know what is coming and how to be safe.

  1. Wow this is amazing, I have 2 books by Louis F. Were one is the woman of Revelation 17 and the certainty of the 3 angel messages. Both really good books.

    Thanks for the post here.

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