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A Celebration of the Dead

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The History of Halloween is steeped in paganism and Catholicism, as well as the 2nd highest grossing holiday in the US. This is a short film from the National Geographic on the History. It is not a Christian Holiday. It is however a day and night that marks the end of the lives of human sacrifices still today.

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Growing All Year Round

In Country Living, Economy, health on October 5, 2009 at 11:10 pm

This Youtube playlist teaches you how to grow plants indoors in the winter and how to make a profit in the spring with potting plants. If you are looking to take oyur relationship with God to the next level and be ready for what is about to break upon the earth you should move to the country, mountains or wilderness. While there you can employ these techniques if you live somewhere cold. You could also use them in the urban areas as Patti the teacher will show you. Link HERE

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God would have us be self sufficient. Lamataions 5:4 tells us that it is a woe to have to pay for heat and water. God would have us settle in a place where we can depend on Him.  Please see the study on Country Living for more information on the Bible’s view of it.