Prophecy: Is it difficult to understand?

In Bible, Prophecy, Spirit of Prophecy, The Last Days on August 9, 2009 at 1:34 am

Well some say that they have a difficult time but we know that God gives wisdom to all men, if they ask. We also have the assurance that it is Christ (Rev 5) who unseals that Bible to our understanding. So as history goes by the more we will understand.

There are some important understanding that we can get from the Bible (which interprets itself) that helps us to understand things more easily.

Here is a link to some notes of 24 Prophecy Concepts, that I think are great and vital helps.

This PDF includes:

1. Prophetic Study

2. Students Of Prophecy

3: The Author Of Our Faith

4: Our Faith

5: The Alpha And The Omega

6: Prophecy Is The Voice Of Christ

7: Our Greatest Need

8: Every Fact And Principle

9: The Testimony Of Two

10: Treasures For “This” Last Generation

11. The Ministry Of The Prophets

12: The Portrayal Of Prophecy

13: The Definition of Prophecy

14: The Point Of Reference

15: Prophetic Lines

16: Line Upon Line

17: History Repeats

18: The Millerite History Repeated

19: The Foundations

20: The 1843 And 1850 Charts

21: The Pioneers

22: The Old Paths

23: The Waymarks

24: The Banner Of The Third Angel

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